Frequently Asked Questions | Measure-It!

How many times can I reuse Measure-It!?

For optimal performance Measure-It! can be repositioned up to 4 times depending on the surface the tape is being adhered to.  *Measure-It! may not adhere to all surfaces.

How accurate are the measurements?

Measure-It! is a specially designed product that will not stretch, making each measurement accurate and precise.

Can I paint on Measure-It!?

Measure-It! is a markable product and can be painted on, with no bleeding through the tape.  Users can also write on it with pencil, ballpoint pen or markers.

Will Measure-It! remove my paint?

Measure-It! is specially formulated to be removed without removing the paint.  Always test the tape on the surface being used prior to starting any project to ensure that it will not conflict with the surface.

What lengths does Measure-It! come in?

Currently Measure-It! is available in lengths of 48 feet.