DIY Instagram Wall Art

DIY Wall Art Using Measure-It!I was recently doing to some research on DIY blogger projects and came across a really cool idea to change your Instagram photos into wall art. What intrigued me about this idea was how you can incorporate this 30 minute project with Measure-It! Adhesive Measuring Tape, to make a unique and personal photo display on any wall in your home or office.

This is a great crafting project to make for yourself or give as a gift from pictures taken at a wedding, social party, anniversary or child’s first birthday….the ideas are endless and you can customize the frames to match any décor. Using Measure-It!, you can space the frames as close or as far apart as you wish, to give you the look you want for any room.

This is one great DIY project and one more great use for Measure-It!

Let us know if you like this project and if this is a project you might try!


DIY project provided by The Crafted Life

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