A New Style Gallery Wall

I was searching out some unique ideas for DIY or craft projects and found a really great project that would add to any home or office décor.  The ideas were endless; however one idea in particular caught my eye.

You can create your own décor using free printable art and your choice of new, old or repurposed picture frames.  Using the concepts and printable art, you can get the exact look that you want.  Knowing that we will be doing some of our own home renovations soon, this is a great opportunity to create unique and personal walls that will have our guests in awe!

What’s even better is that Measure-It! can assist you with sizing your pictures for the frames as well as helping to position the frames, just right, on your wall, to create the gallery you want.

gatsby_mockup_1_blogThis a great rainy day project for kids too!  My daughter is into anything Gatsbyish right now….I’m sure it’s just a phase, but what a great way for her to express her interest by collecting the free art from the Gatsby era to compliment her room.

This project will help get them involved in showing off their personality or interest for their bedroom or play area!

Let us know if what you think about this project.

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