10 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do In A Day!

To some, home renovations sound daunting and conjure up painful images of burning cash. But don’t let that scare you. Many projects can be done in a day, and if you’re smart about it, they’ll boost curb appeal without breaking your budget.

1. Switch the hardware
Sometimes it’s easiest to begin with the front of the house rather than what’s inside, especially if you’re on a tight budget. To that end, changing the front doorknob and lock is a quick update that only takes a few minutes and can complement the style of the house. Add a kick plate for a touch of glam or go gold for a traditional feel.

2. Brighten the lights
Another quick, simple way to brighten your home is by changing the lights in the front yard. Feel free to purchase new ones, or better yet, clean the ones you already have. Your home will look far less spooky at night, and you’ll actually see where you’re walking.

3. Paint the doorMeasure-It! painted door
If scrubbing bug-infested front yard lights isn’t your thing, put a new coat of paint on your front door to freshen it up. Go for something that complements the house’s exterior or be bold and opt for a pop of colour, which will set the right tone.

4. Upgrade your house numbers
House numbers and address plaques are another quick update that can make a big difference. With the proper placement, they can make your house easier to find—not a bad thing when trying to sell—and the right style of numbers can help play up its architecture.

5. Plant a vertical garden
Beautify a blank wall by planting a vertical garden. It can add architecture to the side or back of a home and be more structural by adding hanging planters, stacked crates, or a lattice.

6. Update kitchen or bath fixtures
Nothing modernizes a bathroom or kitchen quite like changing the fixtures. If you’re starting from scratch, you may want to coordinate with the rest of the room.

7. Paint a piece of furniture
A fresh coat of paint can make old furniture feel new. Anything from bookcases to shelves to nightstands is an easy project, and if you mess up, so what? Just paint it again.

8. Install a fanMeasure-It! ceiling fan
Installing a fan doesn’t take more than a few hours and is an inexpensive way to add interest to a room. Just remember to keep it “sleek and simple,” as low-profile fans are the best.

9. Change the cabinet hardware
Changing the actual cabinet hardware can make a huge difference. It can dress up the cabinet. Clear knobs are another option for a timeless and elegant feel, plus, they match nearly everything.

10. Add light dimmers
These days, homeowners are adding light-control dimmers and switches for the energy efficiency, not just the drama. Dimmers are very affordable and create mood and ambiance, plus you can use them with the lights that you already have. For a dramatic look, they work great in the dining room and bedroom.


Content provided by Lee Lander, Broker at Remax Realtron Realty Inc., Brokerage

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